“A few weeks ago, I learned that I have metastatic breast cancer.  Yeah, it’s a bummer.  But, it’s a blessing, too.  Because, it has changed me.  I feel everything so much more passionately now.  Everything is significant.  The people I love, I love more now.  And the stories I want to tell, they simply are exploding inside me.  Making this film combines the love I feel and the passion I have, and has brought me together with a group of unbelievably talented people.  Their dedication and spirit and endless energy amaze me.  I love these people, I love my family, and I love every day of my life.”
  October 12, 2000
On location in Vega, Texas
Shooting “What Matters Most”

Jane's thoughts on community . . .

"When you touch one person in the community, you touch everyone."

Jane's thoughts on listening . . .

"You know Hon, when you're speaking you're not learning a darn thing!"


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