The Jane Cusumano Foundation's For the Love of Ojai Initiative


On June 1, 2001, writer/director Jane Cusumano passed away just four weeks after achieving a lifetime goal of directing her first feature film, WHAT MATTERS MOST. On the day before she passed away, one of her last requests to her husband Jim, her partner in film and executive director of this movie, was to set up a fund that would benefit people in need from the Ojai Valley.

Jane asked that he establish it with their own money and that if others chose to contribute, that would be wonderful. The Cusumanos agreed there and then to seed it with $100,000. Jane wanted to give something back to the community that three years earlier welcomed her and her family as they moved there from northern California, and also provided what she felt were the spiritual surroundings necessary to finish her screenplay and turn it into a real movie.

Jim decided to honor his wife and her legacy by forming The Jane Cusumano Foundation and For the Love of Ojai Initiative with an overall mission to give back to the community that was so special to Jane.

Statement of Purpose

One specific mission of this foundation is to help support families and individuals who live in the Ojai Valley, and who are struggling financially or do not have the means and resources to further their growth as productive human beings. Particular focus is placed on the youth and elderly of the community in matters of healthcare, education and personal growth. This can involve assistance with scholarships, attendance of camp, educational travel, healthcare treatment and equipment and constructive entertainment.


The foundation is managed completely pro-bono by people from the Ojai Valley community, most of them close friends of Jane. Our tax ID number is 77-0577497 Contribute to the Foundation

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