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The mission of Chateau Wally Films is to develop, make and market films that touch the hearts, souls and spirit of the audience they serve. Key measures of success are the unfettered tears, laughter, pleasant surprise, entertainment and sense of well-being shared by the people who view these films.

Corporate Values
Integrity above all---We always practice what we say we believe.

  • Our films focus on subject matter, scripts, performances and photography that truly lift the human spirit of the audiences we serve. We avoid the gratuitous use of sex, violence, drugs and special-effect gimmicks.
  • All of the actors, crew and staff that make our films possible are important individuals and are always treated as such. Though individuals, we expect a cooperative team effort from them.
  • We expect everyone involved in making our films to work hard, be compensated fairly and have fun in the process. We do not tolerate prima donnas---life is too short!
  • We share a significant part of the profits from all of our films with needs that we deem important challenges to humanity

Chateau Wally Films, LLC
323 East Matilija Street, Suite 110
Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 646-4126
fax (805) 646-0998

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James A. Cusumano - President & CEO, Chateau Wally Films

Press Room

Documentary: "One Tough Biscotti: A Woman, A Film And A Fight"
One Tough Biscotti was written and produced by Donna Cusumano of Hand Sewn Productions. It's the true story of Jane Cusumano's struggle against breast cancer while she directed WHAT MATTERS MOST. Cast, crew and citizens of the small Texas town where the movie was filmed lend their perspectives on Jane, the script or the production. Family members reveal what truly matters most.

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