Jane's Breast Cancer Initiative: Background
One of the basic operating values of Chateau Wally Films is " . . . to share a significant part of the profits from all of our films with needs that we deem important challenges to humanity." In this spirit, the company has established Jane Cusumano Foundation's Jane's Breast Cancer Initiative to help in the battle against this disease, which was responsible for writer/director Jane Cusumano's passing on June 1, 2001 just four weeks after directing her first feature film.

The mission of the foundation and initiative is, first and foremost, to provide women with the latest information on breast cancer prevention, as well as information that will enable them to take personal charge of fighting this disease, should they have the challenge of doing so.

This mission is implemented by:

  • Providing sources of information on the prevention of breast cancer.
  • Providing breast cancer patients with information sources concerning available treatments so that they can choose what they feel is the most effective strategy for treating their disease.
  • Providing funding for diagnostics and treatment to women who do not have means to do so.
  • Funding research directed at preventing and curing breast cancer.


Chateau Wally Films will provide seed funding for this foundation by donating 50 percent of all net profits from Jane's film, WHAT MATTERS MOST. Our tax ID number is 77-0577497 and donations may be directed as follows:

The Jane Cusumano Foundation
Jane's Breast Cancer Initiative
1129 Maricopa Highway
PMB 126
Ojai, CA 93023

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